Loving My Whole Self: A Warrior of LOVE

It hasn't always been easy for me to share my voice, experiences or my unique gifts because for a long time now I've been comfortable in what felt like a safe place of being invisible. By being "invisible" I could keep the peace, not stir up too much trouble or offend anyone, and there was less risk of others criticizing me if I didn't put myself out there.

As someone who is a huge advocate for self-care and is devoted to self-care practices, I have come to realize that I have been out of alignment. I am committed to taking care of my whole self by eating healthy, moving my body, meditating, getting massage, being conscious about how I spend my time and with whom, and getting enough rest. But I have felt like there was something more.

I've been asking myself, "how can I do all of these nourishing things out of love and respect for myself, yet I still don't feel truly free and empowered?"

My inner critic has been holding me back and draining my energy. The voice that says things like "you're not enough", "what will they think about you?!", "you need to do more", "you don't know what you're doing", etc... Not words of LOVE.

The inner critic needs some LOVE too. After spending some much needed time getting to know my inner critic and what she really needs from me, I am feeling a shift happening from within. My inner critic wants to feel safe and accepted, which is part of why she has felt the need to protect me by holding me back. She has needed me to have more compassion for my WHOLE SELF. Compassion and love for the darker times in my past, for the struggles and pain in my family that I feared people would judge me if they knew about. Compassion and love for the my inner strength that got me through the darker times. By acknowledging her and listening to what is at the root of her fear and self-doubt, she doesn't need to fight to protect me anymore.

There is so much value in this process of looking at the limiting thoughts, what's holding us back and truly healing from within. I'm learning more and more how my wounds contribute to the gifts I have to offer and how I gain wisdom from all of my experiences. My personal healing and growth promotes healing in all areas of my life.

I am so grateful for my mentor, Dr. Deanna Minich, my entire support team, the amazing people in my life that believe in me and help me to believe in myself.

Through loving my whole self, by shining light on the shadows, I feel empowered to BE ME.

By sharing this with all of you, I am allowing myself to be visible, and this is a self-care WARRIOR practice that I am really focusing on now. I feel vulnerable and raw, but I know I'm honoring my TRUTH. My hope is that if you struggle with something similar that you will feel inspired to have more empathy and LOVE for your whole self as well.

With gratitude,

Michele Trump


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