Honoring The Seasons of My Life

Over the past month, I have been feeling very connected to the change of season, from summer to fall. Back in September, I spent a few days camping on Orcas Island with my husband. Without really thinking about it, we happened to be there on the Autumnal Equinox. We originally planned the trip for that week knowing that our camping days were coming to an end for the year and we wanted to get one last outdoor adventure in while the weather was still cooperative as we were looking forward to getting out for some hikes and doing some kayaking. There had been many whale sightings around the island and we were excited about the potential to see them.

Once we arrived at our campsite and got settled, a shift happened. Without either of us really saying anything about it to each other, we were ready to embrace stillness. And we did. It felt a little weird at first, to be honest. I had to work out some of the stories in my head about being on this beautiful island and NOT seeing as much of it as possible and making the most of what it had to offer. I had to work out the story around how I would tell people that we did NOTHING. The truth is, we did make the most of what the island had to offer because we soaked up all the beauty that surrounded us from our sweet camping spot and we gave ourselves the space and time to revitalize body, mind and spirit.

My thinking shifted from doing NOTHING to BEING present. We listened to what we were needing as individuals and as a couple, and we honored that. We rested. We sat by the water, read books, journaled, connected with each other, observed the wildlife all around us and the took in the expansive view.


It felt both luxurious and necessary to take the time to observe the flow of nature and reconnect with our own rhythm. Nature rewarded us with rainbows, whales, harbor seals playing right in front of us, herons, eagles, owls and deer gracing us with their presence.

One of the biggest takeaways I've had from that experience was how empowering it is to honor my needs by really listening to my body AND to own it. All seasons have meaning and purpose. From the seasons of the Earth to our personal cycles of transformation and growth, our needs for nourishment change.

We have the ability and responsibility to honor the seasons of our life.

A few ways I honor my seasons are:

  • Eating with Nature's seasons and the variety of foods it provides for to supports the health of my whole self.

  • Engaging in different ways of moving my body, from building strength, to improving circulation, to gentle and flowing restorative exercises. This changes daily.

  • Getting plenty of rest when I'm tired or run down so that I restore my energy.

  • Enjoying the energy that I do have and engaging in activities that are rewarding.

  • Finding a healthy balance between alone time and time to connect with others.

  • Trusting my intuition and doing what we need to in order to take care of myself and to be there for others.

In my humble opinion, it is essential to be aware of how I feel, and to be wiling to respect the flow and rhythm that my body, mind and spirit need for optimal health. I know that moving my body daily improves my energy, mood, digestion and sleep. I know that when I am nourishing my whole being with the right foods for my body's needs, embracing stillness, quieting my mind, connecting with my spirit, and allowing my emotions flow in a productive way, I am at home with my true self. The more I honor this in my life, the more I am able to honor this need in others as well.

I am grateful for this reminder from nature and the experiences that encourage me to reconnect with my inner wisdom.

I'd love to hear about your experiences or any thoughts and comments you have. Please share below!


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