Creating Intentions

One thing I love about the transition into a new year is the ritual of creating intentions. I have adopted the following concept from Janet Attwood's book, The Passion Test

No Tension.

I recite this mantra to remind me that in addition to setting intentions, I must also be consistent with the practices that are in alignment with what I want to create.

Nourishing my life is about all of the ways I feed my body, mind, heart and spirit, being true to my whole self with the choices I make. When I let go of tension, judgment, resistance, the need to control how things are working out, I am more likely to find that it all unfolds exactly how it's suppose to, at the right time, in the right place. This is a tough one for most of us, but a worthy practice.

This time of envisioning the future while reflecting on the past offers us the gift of renewal, an opportunity to explore what we need to let go of and to imagine what we want to invite more of into our lives.

What did you learn from your experiences over the last year? How will you take the wisdom and insights gained and bring them forward in your daily life? How do you want to feel? How will you live in alignment with your true self? Reflecting on these questions helps guide my vision for the new year and beyond. Perhaps you'll find them helpful as well. 

Wishing you a nourishing start to 2016! Please share in the comments any rituals or practices you follow for creating your intentions, what feels right to you?


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