Ground Yourself and Connect with Nature

Summer is here! The bounty of fruits and vegetables growing, the longer days and warmth of the sun encourages more time spent outside connecting with nature, going on adventures, shaking up the routine, and coming together with friends and family.

I believe that nature is a teacher, it provides so many opportunities for us to align in body, mind, heart and spirit. From the food the Earth provides, the vastness and beauty of the landscapes, to the elements, there is so much we can learn about ourselves through the natural world. 

As the season changes, what are you noticing about your food preferences, activity level and lifestyle? Is summer a season of high activity, travel and social engagements or is summer a time to slow down? Whatever it looks like for you, how is it nourishing you?

Personally, I love spending time outdoors and the general buzz of summer, yet I often feel that there is more going on than I can keep up with. Many times I struggle with wanting to do everything and be everywhere, when in reality, I don't always have the energy or the time to do it all, especially if I'm not giving myself space to rest and revive. 

The key to keeping a balance for me is getting grounded and tuning in to my body. When I am listening to my body, and trusting the feedback it is giving me, I make choices that are more aligned with what I need to feel whole, and these needs vary from day to day.

Honoring the wisdom of the body is one of the core principles for developing better awareness of the nourishment we need to feel healthy, grounded, present and energized. It is also essential for calming the chatter of the mind. 

In my last post I discussed the ROOT Aspect of the 7 Systems of Health, what the core issues associated with this aspect are and the connection to feeling grounded. 

Here are some recommendations for tuning in to your body, connecting with nature and grounding that will support your whole being: 

1) Before eating, take a few deep breaths and scan your body from head to toe. Listen to what your body truly needs.

2) Notice what foods energize your body and also give you a "grounding" feeling.

3) Try eating more fruits and vegetables that are in season. Pay attention to how your body feels when you eat this way.

4) Shake up your eating routine by having meals outside to develop a deeper relationship between your body, food and nature.

5)  Practice stillness while in nature, through sitting on the ground which can be very restorative, or doing a standing meditation while barefoot to connect with the energy of the Earth.

6) Give your feet some love! Your feet are the part of the body most directly connected to the ground, carrying the weight of the body. They are also the part of the body the furthest away from the head, so it's easy to get disconnected from them. A soothing foot massage, pedicure or even rubbing lotion on them at the end of the day are great ways to bring awareness and sensation to your hard working feet.

7) Engage in physical activities that are in alignment with your physical, mental and energetic needs, rather than what you think you "should" be doing. Some days you may need gentle movement such as restorative yoga or tai chi, while on other days a brisk walk, run or bike ride feels right. What form of movement does your body truly want?
8) Explore thoughts or beliefs that pull you off-center or keep you stuck in a rut. How can you transform these thoughts into more life affirming statements that are in alignment with your true self?

My suggestion is to start with one or two of these recommendations and really observe what you feel physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically. What do you discover? I'd love to hear how it goes for you, please share in the comments section. 

Are you curious about more ways to create more balance and nourishment in your life? Register for my Journey of Nourishment program starting this fall. 


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