What do you need to feel healthy, vital and whole?




"May the nourishment of the earth be yours, may the clarity of light be yours, may the fluency of the ocean be yours" 

- John O'Donohue, Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom



Our modern culture puts a lot of emphasis on goals and intentions as we begin a new year. I am not opposed to this practice, but sometimes it feels like there is so much information overload, so many ideas and ways of doing things, that focus on self-improvement, that if we're not clear and grounded in what we know to be true for ourselves, it can be really overwhelming and possibly lead to thoughts of needing to do more, be more, to improve ourselves in order to feel good enough. It can lead to a lot of pressure and stress on oneself. This is the part that I can’t get on board with.


While we may have good intentions, all of the “shoulds” can nearly deactivate us from doing anything because it’s too much to take in, absorb and/or sustain. I often relate this experience to overeating. When we overeat, we may get tired or sluggish, immobilized, and as the digestive system gets overworked, all energy is going towards processing the food, some may not even get absorbed, and therefore we don’t benefit from the nutrients.


Rather than listening to all of the hottest trends and the fads in our external environment, I believe there’s a better way for you (and for all of us) to create steady momentum for your health and well-being from a place of knowing what YOU truly need to feel healthy, vital and whole. It may be possible, for many of us, that the start of the new year isn’t the optimal time to make shifts in our diet or lifestyle, or to set major goals, and for all one knows we’re not even clear on what the best direction is to take, yet. Perhaps it feels best to be still, to nest and nurture where you are in the present.


Before moving forward and adding more to your “plate”, perhaps it’s worthwhile to get to really know what nourishes a balanced, steady flow of energy (most of the time), what contributes to the resilience you experience in stressful situations, what helps sustain the clarity and focus in your daily activities and work tasks, what supports your ability to go with the flow of your needs rather than feel stuck in a rigid way of living.


What if right now you ask yourself: “What has been working for me? When I am in the flow, what foods, ways of eating and self- care practices support me? What does a stable foundation of health look and feel like for me? What is ONE thing I feel ready and willing to focus on right now?"


Give yourself the space to listen. Release the tension or contraction around how you THINK it should look.


Allow your body to relax and invite your mind to be quiet so that you can be more open to hearing the wisdom within.


May the answers that move through you help guide the choices you make for the health and well-being of your whole self.

If it feels like the right time for you to explore the path of optimal health and wellness through whole self nourishment, I invite you to book a Whole Health Consultation and together we will navigate an optimal path for you.


I hope the transition into the new year has been filled with ease and inspiration for you. Wishing you all the best!


With love,