Do It For The LOVE


"Love is not dependent on outside stimulation, but experienced within as a state of being."

-Anodea Judith


The most important ingredient, in my book, is LOVE. Love has the ability to infuse a meal, an experience, the body and whole being with a powerful dose of nourishment.


Have you ever gathered with the best company of friends for a meal, and hardly ate anything, but left feeling full and energized? 

Maybe you've noticed that your mom's chocolate chip cookies always taste better than yours, and you use the same recipe.

Perhaps whenever someone else cooks for you something about it enriches you more than when you cook for yourself.

You may be familiar with situations of being with loved ones, or engaged in enjoyable experiences that fulfill you on so many levels that you don't even think about food or feel hungry. 


These are a few ways that I see the nourishment of love permeate eating experiences. I'm sure you could add even more examples to this list, because our experiences with how love feeds us is boundless. 


In my online course 21 Days of Nourishing Rituals, three of the days focus specifically on the theme of LOVE, how it flows through our daily experiences and ways to invite more of this nourishment into our lives.


Here is a sample of one of the rituals around eating that I include in the course:


When preparing a meal, bring your awareness to the present moment and the gift of cooking a meal. Acknowledge all the elements of the meal that you are grateful for and all they ways the food, cooking and (perhaps) the company are nourishing to you.  


Experiment with infusing your food with love as you chop, blend, mix and slice, and send the energy of love that you feel within into the ingredients you are touching.


As you set the table, do it for the love.


Love makes the mundane sacred.


We don't need fancy or formal place settings or gourmet meals to express love for ourselves or others, it's the intention from within the heart that is felt and makes all the difference. 


How will you bring more love and gratitude into your eating experience? Notice what happens when you bring this kind of attention and intention to your ordinary life. I'd love to hear about your experiences with this practice. 


With a heart full of love,