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An 8-Week Group Program On Holistic Living

Are you feeling burned out, stuck in a rut, or out of touch with what you truly need to feel your best?

Create a path for true nourishment to flow through you and elevate your well-being over the course of this 8-week journey. Week by week you will cultivate a deeper awareness and understanding of what your whole self needs to thrive.

This series involves working with the Seven Systems of Health by Food & Spirit™ as a model for gaining clarity on what you need to feel your best in body, mind, heart & spirit, while also becoming more aware of what is getting in your way. Each week will focus on a different system of health and what food, eating and lifestyle practices support each aspect. 

You will learn how to incorporate foods and holistic lifestyle practices that aim to support your body’s healing potential, improve your energy, create more balance in your life, while establishing a consistent rhythm for self-care. 

If you've been curious about holistic health and wellness, this is a wonderful way to discover what forms of nourishment resonate with you, and how to integrate these practices into your life with the support of an experienced and knowledgable guide. In this small group setting you will be given personalized attention in addition to gaining the benefits of learning from others in the group.

The Journey of Nourishment program is an opportunity to receive support and practical tools for healthy living that you can easily integrate into daily life. It's about deeply nourishing all aspects of yourself so that you feel empowered to make choices that honor your true self on your journey of healing and growth.

I hope you will join me and embrace this opportunity to get in tune with your inner wisdom and reconnect with your whole self.

Michele Trump
Holistic Health Practitioner

Art by Manami Lingerfelt
The terrain we will explore in this 8-week series:
  • How to listen to and understand the messages of the body.
  • The connection between eating and emotions.
  • What gives you energy and what takes your energy.
  • Discover how love, compassion and gratitude transform your relationship with food, eating and your body.
  • The power of healthy choices and personal expression.
  • The relationship between food, mood, sleep, mental clarity and inner wisdom.
  • Creating a deeper connection with all of life and what nourishes you beyond food.
The details:

Space is limited to 6 participants so that you will receive personal attention while experiencing the benefits of a supportive community. 

Where: Saturn Building: 3417 Evanston Ave N, Suite 418
Fremont 98107

When: Thursdays, 7-8:30pm
9/22, 9/29, 10/6, 10/13, 10/20,10/27, 11/3, 11/10

Register by August 5th- $249
Register after after August 5th- $289
Registration closes September 8th

To register via check or cash, please mail payment by 9/8/16 to:
Michele Trump
Vital Roots Holistic Health
3417 Evanston Ave N, Suite 418
Seattle, WA 98103

You may also pay via credit card: Register Online

BONUS: Each participant will receive a free health consultation (optional) at any time during the course of the program.

Register with a friend, family member or partner and you each receive $29 off.

Payment plans are available upon request.

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