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How many different ways are you nourishing yourself?




21 Days of Nourishing Rituals

21 Days of Nourishing Rituals is an experiential online program that guides you to reconnect with what truly feeds your body, mind, heart and spirit through simple and meaningful daily practices.
By listening to the inner wisdom within we learn more about what is needing attention throughout each day and then take the appropriate steps to take care of ourselves through intentional, personalized nourishment.

One step at a time.

Trusting the process. 

Take in the food that truly nurtures and sustains your well-being, so that you feel your best and are more equipped to show up for all of life.





I always find guided audio meditations of huge benefit. It can be challenging to start a meditation practice on your own, especially with a busy mind, so having the soothing voice of Michele guiding me was immensely helpful. Even more so when delivered straight to my inbox so I could listen straight from my phone.

Michele offers thoughtful, kind and considerate self care practices, which will nourish your whole being and enrich your life. Definitely take this course! You won't regret it.

- Linn Thorstensson, Nutritional Therapist, Cork, Ireland

Michele’s Nourishing Rituals program offers a deep selection of unique and potent tools which left me feeling balanced and calm. I loved regularly receiving a variety of ways to practice mindfulness that were both playful and sacred plus Michele’s guided meditations brought me back to my heart’s center. I highly recommend this program to anyone who feels busy and that there's not enough time in the day to add one more thing. This program has an incredible way making you feel as though you’ve slowed and stretched time. Thank you Michele!

- Dana Smith, Guiding Star Healing Arts, Seattle, WA


Michele's gentle voice radiates peace and positivity, and it was wonderful to have her course on my phone each day.
We all have good intentions of making time for quiet and self care during the day, and so often it gets forgotten or pushed out of the schedule. This was great because it was there every day and was portable.
It was so good to have some new ideas : in my work I am always teaching, initiating, organising - so it was refreshing to be fed an abundance of ideas and techniques every day for a week. I would very much recommend this to others...and have done so!

- Dawn Wakefield, musician, UK


Michele’s nourishing rituals are self restorative blessings. Today we are all starving for more soul nourishment and these creative and fun picks are everyday miniature boosters with huge impacts and potential. Thanks for this amazing gift!

- Louise Tjernqvist, TRUE Holistic Lifestyle & Nutrition


Michele's Nourishing Rituals gave me deep insight and awareness into how easily it is to go through my day to day life without stopping to slow down and breathe. When I took the time each day during the week of rituals, I found heavenly slices of peace in the moments of the day- slipping my feet into the hot, soapy water to rest and unwind; standing still in the green meadow and feeling the sun beat on my face; listening to Michele's guided meditation and feeling a deep connection to the Earth. These rituals have opened me up and allowed me to create a new relationship with myself and the Spirit of Life each and every day. Thank you from the depth of my heart, Michele--for the guidance into inner peace, self love, and understanding!

-Meghan Reno, NY


I loved the attention and awareness Michele gives to these nourishing rituals. I was moved when I made special efforts around serving a very simple dinner one night. I saw something more regarding the power of intention and attention and how it nourishes us in so many ways.  A must do experience to gain a very valuable perspective. 

Molly Knight Forde, Spiritual Luminary, Sound Healer and Classical Pianist