Health Consultation

What is involved in the Whole Health Consultation?

The health consultation is an opportunity to take a look at how all of your systems of health are functioning in relation to your concerns for your health and wellness. Prior to our consultation session, you will complete a comprehensive health intake form and questionnaire. These forms are designed to gather information about the various aspects of your life and how they contribute to the wellness of your whole being. Your session will include an assessment based on the information you provide and a proposed personalized journey specific to your unique needs and goals.

The personalized journey will focus on your concerns and intentions with a unique combination of the following: 

Colorful-whole foods and mindful ways of eating , mind-body-spirit methods for healing, physical movement aligned with your needs, and simple yet sincere self-care practices.

The consultation fee is $89. This service does not require you to enroll in a health coaching program, although it is the first step on the health coaching path.

I invite you to take the next step on your healing path and sign-up for a Whole Health Consultation.
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"After years of enjoying and benefiting from massage therapy from Michele I recently had a Health Consultation. The insights I gained and applied have had a remarkable positive impact and inspired me to utilize the Holistic Coaching and Integrative Bodywork program. I highly recommend it." -G.M., Seattle