Creativity and Health

One of the major takeaways from my training in holistic health has been around the relationship between creativity and health. This has been an eye opener for me, and one of my biggest personal challenges. I’ve never considered myself a “creative type”, yet there’s a part of me that wishes to be. Once this element of health was explored in my studies with Food & Spirit™, I was curious about how this aspect of life was connected to my overall health and well-being.

I started to see the people in my life that I consider creative in a new way. Interestingly enough, I have surrounded myself with amazing chefs, musicians, writers, painters, photographers, and visionaries that have been wonderful teachers of the connection between creativity and health. A few things I have discovered about these people that I admire so much is that when they are in their creative flow, they light up and are energized. It feeds their spirit. 

Through my journey, I’ve been observing what it feels like to be in the flow, and how that comes through for me. As I shift my perspective, I am now able to view creativity as a way of expressing our true nature, our gifts and purpose in life. It’s about being courageously vulnerable, visible and sharing who we are with each other, creating opportunities to develop deeper connections. It’s saying “yes!” to the sparks of inspiration and the passion in our hearts, even when we’re fearful. It’s creating healthy habits that nourish body, mind, heart and spirit. And so much more...

We have the ability to create our lives. While we don’t have control over everything that happens to us (or for us), for those of us that are able, we can choose how we take care of ourselves and what it means to live in alignment with our values and truths.

There are so many ways we can express our creative selves. Matthew Fox puts it beautifully in this passage from his book Creativity: Where the Divine and the Human Meet,

“This is true whether we understand our creativity to be begetting and nourishing our children, making music, doing theater, gardening, writing, teaching, running a business, painting, constructing houses, or sharing the healing arts of medicine and therapy. Imagination brings about not just intimacy but a big intimacy, a sense of union with the cosmos, a sense of belonging and being at home, of our knowing we have not only a right to be here but a task to do as well while we are here. French philosopher Gaston Bachelard says that ‘great dreamers possess intimacy with the world.’ The artist in us and among us shares intimacy and returns one’s intimacy with the world, nourishing the community with one’s inner experience. This process of intimacy shared feels a lot like a sacred experience.”

What are some ways you currently see yourself as creative and how does this nourish you?

If you're curious about exploring this aspect of health more, it is one area we will dip our toes into during the Journey of Nourishment program starting September 22. Early registration ends this Friday, August 5, registration will be open until September 8th. Visit my Events page for all the details. I look forward to seeing some of you there!

Yours in health,
Michele Trump
Holistic Health Practitioner


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