Creating Space for Self Care

The notion of creating space has come up in many conversations with friends, family, clients and colleagues over the past few weeks. Many of us are in need of clearing the clutter in our lives, both literally and figuratively. I've been clearing out my closets from clothes I no longer wear, things I haven't used since I don't know when, and books that are outdated. It feels good to let go and free up some of my living space. Similarly, I find it's just as worthwhile, although maybe not as clear-cut, to weed through the "stuff" that takes up my energetic space and time.

The conversations around creating space are frequently sparked by the awareness that there is a struggle to find and/or make time for self care. I'm referring to everything from healthy eating, getting good quality sleep, exercise, stress-reduction practices, in addition to any other practices or rituals one might consider essential to their wellness. Often self-care happens after all our work is done, family and household responsibilities are taken care of, and all of the commitments we make are attended to, whether we have time and energy for them or not. If a crisis emerges that requires our energy beyond what we are accustomed to, self care may feel even further from reach, and that's when we need it most.

I am familiar with many of these struggles, and aware that even with all the self-care tools and knowledge, some days it feels impossible. There may be days when our best is a ten minute walk or two minutes of sitting in silence, other days it could be three balanced meals or an Epsom salt bath and the end of the day. It's helpful to recognize that it doesn't have to be a huge time commitment or event for it to be self care. Every ounce of nourishment that fills your cup matters.

We need space to simply Be; to listen to what our bodies need, to feel our emotions rather than push them down or away, to relax and enjoy the fruits of our labor, to connect with community, to be inspired and allow creativity to flow, to soak up the vast beauty of nature, to be still and breathe.

In a culture of go-go-go and do more, it often does take effort to create space to slow down and tune in to what we need to feel grounded and nourished. The days fill up fast with so much to do, often pushing aside time for our most basic needs for a healthy life. Whether it's due to the holidays or the busyness of daily life, it is important that we intentionally look at and sort through what may be interfering with our ability to weave more self-care into our regular routines.

If you are craving more space in your life for nourishment, I encourage you to do an inventory of where your time and energy is going.

What would you like to create more space for in your life and WHY is it important to you?

Set an intention for yourself.

Share your intention with those you trust who will be supportive of you.

Prioritize and simplify. Start with one thing that you know you are able and willing to take action on. Keep it simple and attainable. How will you make this happen? When?

Be gentle and forgiving. Some days you may slip, forget or run into obstacles that make it difficult to stick to your self-care intention. Don't beat yourself up or give up, do what you can and start again tomorrow.

Hold the vision. Remember why this intention to create space for self-care is essential to your well being.
May this season of slowing down be restorative and insightful. Wishing you a nourishing and peace-filled 2017!


I'd love to support you on your path to more whole self nourishment, energy and balance from within. Book a health consultation and discover what obstacles are holding you back and ways to elevate your health.


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