Michele Trump, CHHC, CFSP, LMP

Gratitude Is Good Medicine

Gratitude is always good medicine. Bringing our attention to what we are grateful for, all of our experiences, including the challenging ones, generates healing, growth and expansion with the nourishing energy of love.  Read More

Michele Trump, CHHC, CFSP, LMP

Thriving Through The Holidays

"The enlightened soul is open to wonder. Every marvel of nature mirrors the miracle of being alive".

-Modern Meditation from Lisbon

As we are entering the holiday season, I invite you all to take a moment to tune in to how you want to honor your body, mind, heart and spirit during this time.

What do you know is true for you to be present, to stay connected to the meaning of the season, to enjoy the special moments with friends and family, and to honor your health and well-being?

I always feel it's important to acknowledge that this time of year may stir up some tender feelings for many of us. While there are many things to be grateful for, we may also be feeling the pain and sadness of the loss of our loved ones, or the stress of holiday expectations, busyness and over-indulging (to name a few). Devoting time and energy to what nourishes you, while allowing yourself to feel your way through the discomfort, creates more space for healing and love to flow through you. Be gentle.

It's an honor to provide support and encourage health-giving practices so that you thrive through this season, and every season. Whether you are in need of some healing quiet time, stress reduction, pain relief, or your diet and lifestyle are calling for more harmony, I am here for you.

Wishing you a nourishing holiday season!